Investment Areas

Proteus will invest in the leading private companies operating within the field of regenerative medicine. The field is composed of a variety of companies operating in four primary areas: Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Tools & Devices and Aesthetic Medicines.

Cell & Gene Therapy: Companies using either cells (adult or embryonic, donor or patient, stem or differentiated, t-cells) for the treatment of many debilitating injuries and diseases. Near term therapeutic applications include immunotherapies for cancer, ophthamology, HIV and other viruses, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's diseases, vision impairments, orthopedic diseases, spinal cord injuries and rare genetic disorders. This sector also includes the development of gene therapy vectors and related tools, growth factors and serums, natural reagents that promote and guide cell development and differentiation.

Tissue Engineering: Companies combining cells with biomaterials (also called "scaffolds") to generate partially or fully functional tissues and organs. Near term therapeutic applications include heart patch, bone regrowth, wound repair, replacement bladders, intervertebral disc and spinal cord repair.

Tools & Devices: Companies creating cell lines that embody genetic defects or disease characteristics that are used for the discovery, screening and development of new drugs. This sector also includes companies developing devices that are designed to enable regenerative medicine related procedures, such as specialized devices for the harvest, processing, selection and delivery of stem cells, cell-based diagnostic tools, etc.

Regenerative Compounds: Compounds that trigger endogenous regeneration. This sector includes new chemical entities, growth factors, proteins, and other compounds that trigger cell and tissue regrowth, as well as advanced wound and fracture repair.

Aesthetic Medicine: Companies developing cell therapies, tissues and biomaterials for cosmetic applications. This sector comprises hair follicle cells for hair regeneration, and collagen-secreting human dermal fibroblasts for facial wrinkles and other skin disorders.

Proteus Venture Fund Technology Focus