The Proteus Venture Fund

Proteus Venture fund will invest exclusively in Regenerative Medicine.  We build our portfolio of companies based on passionate people, transformative ideas, deep domain knowledge and a capital efficient development model.

We target breakthrough science that is close to or has reached the stage of proof-of-concept.  Pairing a talented team with a well vetted plan and proper resourcing transforms promising early stage ideas into solid value creations.


The Proteus “Non-Profit” Regenerative Medicine Fund

The “Valley of Death”
Many of the most promising discoveries will not make it to the clinic because of the funding gap commonly referred to as the “Valley of Death.” This is the phase in an emerging technology’s development that separates an important discovery in a university or medical center from the translational research that is essential to help transform these scientific breakthroughs into treatments.

The Management and Mentoring Gap
In the absence of access to early stage venture capital, a second problem becomes paramount. The scientific founders rarely have the resources to assemble the necessary talent to design their early proof of concept clinical trials, map out regulatory and reimbursement pathways, protect their intellectual property, scale up their manufacturing, and ultimately build a sustainable business model that would enable the scientists to translate their discoveries into accessible patient treatments.

The Proteus non-profit RM fund is a separate but highly complementary fund to the Venture Fund. It will help move promising regenerative medicine technologies through the "Valley of Death" by providing the funding to move the RM technology from proof of concept into early-stage clinical trials.