Daniel Kraft, M.D.

Daniel Kraft , M.D.

Dr. Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician scientist and innovator in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine with over 20 years of clinical and biomedical research experience. He is an NIH funded faculty member with the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and is on clinical faculty with the UCSF pediatric bone marrow transplantation service.

Dr. Kraft has extensive research experience focused on stem cell biology and immunology. In early research experience at the National Institutes of Health, he was the first to propose and demonstrate proof of concept for a monoclonal antibody based therapy for allergic disease, an approach later translated to a novel humanized antibody therapeutic by Genentech (Xolair). Research at Brown University, and later at Harvard medical school focused on HIV and its interaction with the immune system. As a Howard Hughes research fellow at Stanford he discovered a novel population of developing human T-cells. Dr. Kraft also was a research fellow with SyStemix, a company which pioneered purified hematopoietic stem cells.